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 What are the League ages?
Baseball:   Any Candidate who will attain the age of 5 years before May 1 and who will not attain the age of 13 before May 1 of the year in question shall be eligible to compete in the baseball division.


Girls Softball:  Any Candidate who will attain the age of 5 years before January 1 and who will not attain the age of 19 before January 1 of the year in question shall be eligible to compete in the Girls Softball division.  Note:  Girls under the age of  7 are placed in the T-Ball  division.

Challenger Division:  Enables boys and girls with physical and mental challenges, ages 5 - 18 to enjoy the game of baseball along with the millions of other children who participate in this sport worldwide.

Can a player register after the in-person registration days?
Late registrations are accepted.  However, after the team drafts, Candidates may be placed on a waiting list depending on the number of players that have registered in that division.  Visit the registration page on the PLL website atwww.pottstownlittleLeague.com for forms to print out and where to mail them along with payment.   


Can my child be on the same team as a friend/neighbor for car-pooling purposes?
You can indicate your request on the registration form.  We do try to honor these requests as much as possible in the younger divisions; however we cannot guarantee it due to our needs to adhere to team equality.  Requests cannot be accepted for Major Baseball or Minor Baseball as these teams are established through a draft system.


Can girls play in a boys division?
Although Little League rules permit girls to play on a baseball team, we encourage the girls to play girls softball.  Please indicate this desire at registration.


Does my child have to attend Player Evaluations?
Yes, all players except T-ball must attend player evaluations.  The player evaluations assists the League in dividing up the teams as evenly as possible.  Candidates will receive a card in the mail as to when and where the player evaluations will be conducted.  Usually this is approximately 2 weeks after the last registration date.


When will I hear from a coach?
You should hear from your team’s manager once the teams are established in mid-February.  Practices are typically started as soon as weather permits.  Opening Day ceremony is normally scheduled for Saturday morning in mid April at the Novak Complex.  Players should be at the Novak Complex by 9:30AM to assemble for the parade of teams onto the field for the ceremony.  Opening day games will begin immediately after the ceremony with most of the games being played at the Novak Complex. 


When are games and practices? 
This is not known until all registrations are received and the number of teams is established. Typically games and practices are during the week and on Saturdays.  Sundays are used for make up games only.

How does the practice/game schedule work?
Practices are organized at the team manager’s discretion, typically once per week for younger players and twice per week for older players.  Practice nights are assigned during the Manager’s Meeting in early March. The game schedule is published just prior to Opening Day when our annual schedule/roster booklet is distributed to all participants.  Generally there are one or two games per week on a rotating schedule. Regular season games are played weeknights and Saturdays and run from mid April to mid to late June.  Major divisions and tournament teams will play longer into the summer.

Must I attend my player’s practices and games?
The best support you can be to your child’s Little League career is to experience it with them.  Please attend, participate and volunteer as much as possible.


What do I do if my game is rained out or I need to cancel?
Rescheduling games is the responsibility of division representatives in conjunction with team managers.  The League will attempt to reschedule cancelled games as soon as possible. 


Does the League allow a parent to umpire a game in which their child is playing?
PLL is an all-volunteer organization and that includes the umpires.  The single largest source of bodies for our umpire pool is the parents of the children involved in the League. The Umpire in Chief does a sign-up sheet in advance to solicit volunteers for the upcoming week.  In the event that no one signs up in advance, it is the Home Team’s responsibility to provide an umpire.  There is no problem with a parent umpiring a game in which his child is participating.  We believe that people want to do a good job and they are doing the League a service by volunteering.  Obviously, there are varying levels of expertise within our volunteer pool but the bottom line is that the children don’t get to play a game unless someone volunteers to umpire.

Where does the Registration fee go?
This fee in conjunction with the League’s fundraising venues assists the League in meeting the financial obligations of the League.  The League’s expenses are generally in excess of $45,000 per year.  Expenses are typically for player accident insurance, uniforms, equipment, charter fees, field maintenance, utilities, septic services, postage, etc.  Pottstown Little League has the lowest registration fee in Pennsylvania District 27. A statement of income and expenses for public review is published each year in our schedule/roster booklet.     

How can I volunteer?
There are many ways to help.  Pottstown Little League is a 100% Volunteer program.  The League’s success depends fully on our volunteers.   In addition to managing, coaching and being a team parent, you can volunteer to help with field maintenance, snack bar coverage, fundraising, umpiring, picture day, just to name a few.  See your child’s coach or contact the League and let us know what you can help out with.

Why do I need to complete a volunteer form?
Little League Regulation I (C) 5 and 6 requires that we perform thorough background checks on all volunteers that have substantial contact with our children.  This includes all Managers, Coaches, Team Parents, Snack Bar workers, Umpires, Board Members, Field Maintenance workers, and anyone else that has contact with our children.  We are required to conduct a nationwide background check containing all applicable government sex offender registry data.  Little League Inc. has contracted with LexisNexis to conduct all background checks.  The LexisNexis background check goes beyond the minimum required by the regulation and includes a nationwide criminal and sex offender search.  We make every effort possible to protect our children.


How are background check results handled?
If there are any offenses on your report, you will receive a copy in the mail directly from First Advantage. Unfortunately, many states do not cross check by birth date.  Therefore, if there is someone with the same name as yours with criminal offenses, these will show on the report you receive.  We understand that such reports can be very surprising and upsetting. Please rest assured that these reports are only accessed on-line by our Risk Management Committee and we do not share information or keep hard copies.  If we feel any offenses require further investigation, we will contact the volunteer.  Again, please remember that we are doing this to protect all of our children not to cause embarrassment or concern.  To learn more about First Advantage visit their web site at www/FADV.com.


How does the Snack Bar work?
Our popular Snack Bar located at the Novak Complex offers hot dogs, drinks, pizza, candy, ice cream, nightly specials, and various other goodies at a very reasonable price.  Without our Snack Bar proceeds, we would likely be unable to meet the financial needs of the League.  The Snack Bar work schedule is coordinated by our volunteer Snack Bar Manager and is operated entirely by adult volunteers.  For safety reasons, Children under the age of 14 are not permitted in the Snack Bar so please do not bring young children with you if you are scheduled for Snack Bar duty.

How does the All-Star selection process work?

The Pottstown Little League participates in various post-season tournament play in most divisions.  Players for all-star teams are selected by the Managers and Coaches in their respective divisions and there is some minor travel involved within the District and beyond depending how the team fares.  The League also participates in the Pottstown July 4thcelebration with all-star teams from the younger divisions participating.


Accident Reporting Procedures - What to Report?
An incident that causes any player, manager, coach, umpire, volunteer, or spectator to require first aid or medical treatment, or if there is a concern that further medical evaluation may be required.  Please contact the League Safety Officer if further information is required.


Can I bring my pet to the field?
Since the Borough of Pottstown and/or the Pottstown School District own all of our fields, anyone desiring to bring a pet to a Little League game is governed by the Borough and/or School District rules and regulations regarding pets.  However, since there are many small children as well as adults in attendance at our games, the League strongly encourages you to leave your pet at home.


Who maintains the playing fields?

The two fields at the Novak Complex (Scott Field and Grimm Field) are leased from the Borough of Pottstown by the Pottstown Little League and solely maintained by volunteers from the League.  Either the Borough of Pottstown or the Pottstown School District owns and maintains the other playing fields utilized by the Pottstown Little League.  When attending games please respect our policies at the various fields.


How do I get more involved?
The Pottstown Little League Board of Directors meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM (8:00 PM during the season).  The meetings are held in the Scott Field Press Box Conference Room at the Novak Complex and are open to the public.  We welcome input and ideas.


What if I have a question or concern?
You should first ask your team manager, coach, team parent, or League Representative.